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BRAMM Burial Authority Newsletter Spring 2024
MMW – SW Devon – Tuesday, 8th October 2024
Deputy President Nomination Form
Board Director Nomination Form
Charter – Scores May 2024
Recruitment – Idverde – Cemetery Officer – North Sheen Cemetery –  Friday 24th May 2024
Recruitment – Warwick District Council – Bereavement Technical Officer (Career Graded)  –  closing date 19th May 2024
MMW – East Suffolk Services Ltd – Suffolk Thursday, 3rd October 2024
MMW – Maidstone Borough Council – Kent– Tuesday, 16th July 2024
CM&C – flyer prices 2024
Sexton – flyer prices 2024
MMW – Dartmouth Town Council – Devon – Friday, 7th June 202
MMW – Stamford Town Council – Lincolnshire – Friday, 21st June 202
MMW-Flyer-online-training 2024-5 prices
EROB – flyer prices 2024
Articles of Association
Cemetery of the Year Awards 2024
GIRES – Being Ready
Directory of Crematoria 23 October 2023
Education Seminar 2024 – Information and Application Form
Research Assistant – the Human Remains Project
Directory of Crematoria 12th October 2023
Visit to Precision Organic R&D Facilities – Booking Form
Visit to Precision Organic R&D Facilities – Flyer
Environmental Permitting Regulations 2016 – Change to legislation and Guidance on Cemeteries, October 2023
Directory of Crematoria 22nd September 2023
Learning Convention and Exhibition 2023 – Convention Guide
ICCM Accounts 2023
ICCM Learning Convention and Exhibition 2023 – Papers and Speakers
ICCM Learning Convention and Exhibition 2023 – Final Programme
ICCM Learning Convention and Exhibition – Programme 3
ICCM AGM 2023 – Handbook Appendix B
ICCM AGM 2023 – Handbook Appendix A
ICCM AGM 2023 – Handbook
ICCM Learning Convention and Exhibition Programme
Golders Green Crematorium – Deputy General Manager
ICCM Learning Convention and Exhibition 2023 – Outline programme
ICCM Learning Convention and Exhibition – Delegate Booking Form
Directory of Crematoria – 13th July 2023
Directory of Crematoria 9th June 2023
Deputy President Nomination Form 2023
Director Nomination Form 2023
Director – Service Agreement
Fellowship Nominations 2023
Director – Code of Conduct
Directory of Crematoria 6 June 2023
DHSC Consultation – Privacy Notice
ICCM Photographic Competition 2023
Soil Management and Drainage in Cemeteries Seminar – Presentation Slides
Cemetery of the Year Awards 2023
Directory of Crematoria 29 March 2023
ICCM Soil Management and Drainage Seminar – Booking Form
ICCM Soil Management and Drainage Seminar – Flyer and Programme
Joint Guidance – Winter Fuel Shortages
Directory of Crematoria 28 November 2022
Individual Member Application Form
Corporate Member Application Form
Fire Safety Law Book
Directory of UK Crematoria – 6 October 2022
ICCM Accounts 2021-22
ICCM Learning Convention and Exhibition 2022 – Convention Guide
Estate Research Logo
ICCM Learning Convention and Exhibition – Programme
ICCM AGM Handbook 2022
Directory of Crematoria 23rd August 2022
Directory of Crematoria 8 August 2022
Child Funeral Charity Leaflet
Child Funeral Charity Guide
ICCM Photographic Competition – new prize and deadline
Funeral Availability Reporting System (FARS) – explanation
Burial and Grounds Team Leader – Plymouth City Council’s Bereavement Services
Care After Death Seminar Invitation
Directory of Crematoria 3 May 2022
Directory of Crematoria 11th April 2022
Environment Agency Update on Permitting of New Cemetery Developments – April 2022
ICCM Photographic Competition 2022
Education Handbook March 2022
Wales – Strengthened measures from Boxing Day 2021
APPG on Funerals and Bereavement November Newsletter
Local Government Ombudsmen Special Report – Memorial Safety in Local Authority Cemeteries
Summary Financial Statements for the year ending 31st March 2021
AGM 2021 Handbook
Sands Corporate Partnership Autumn Update
Process Guidance Note PG 5/2 (12)
Crematoria Guidance Review (PG5/2 (12)) – IP Document
All Party Parliamentary Group on Funerals and Bereavement – Annual Report 2021
Directory of UK Crematoria – 20 September 2021
National Medical Examiner Bulletin – September 2021
Charter Reference Copy
Public Information Leaflet
Mercury Update
Metals Return Slip
Q and A
Burial Auth Registration
Form 18
Assent Form
Assignment Form
Renunciation Form
Court Judgement – Memorials
Mercury Abatement Update
Sample Statutory Declaration
Memorial Press Release
Branch Rules
Bringing Burial Law into the 21st Century
Local Government in Scotland Act 2003
Deed – Memorial Rights
Recycling of Metal, A Paper by Fok De Wit
ICCoMply Screen Grab
Excellence Recognition Scheme
Funeral Poverty Seminar Flyer and Programme
DEFRA Phasing Note
Funeral Pyres – MoJ Letter March 2001
Funerals Market Investigation Order 2021 – ICCM guidance notes
Letter of thanks from Scottish Government Cabinet Secretary for Health and Social Care, August 2021
Funeral Sector Critical Workers Form
Funeral Sector Reasonable Excuse Provision Letter
DEFRA Guidance deactivated
Corporate Membership Code of Conduct and Practice
Benefits of Corporate Membership 2021
Journal Article of the Year 2020
Journal Article of the Year 2019
National Medical Examiner Bulletin – June 2021
COTS Course 1 info
Managing a Funeral Guidance 17th May 2021
Joint FBCA and ICCM Guidance – Step 3 easing of lockdown
Cremation Guidance – Use of Auto Shutdown Functions in Crematoria – Update 22nd October 2019
Burial, Cremation and Commemoration of the Dead (VAT Notice 701/32) – Last updated 31 December 2020
National Medical Examiners Report 2020
BRAMM News – Spring 2021
Directory of UK Crematoria – 24th March 2021
Journal Tariff 2021-2022
All Party Parliamentary Group on Funerals and Bereavement – March 2021 Newsletter
Environmental Stewardship Group – Round Table for owner/operators of cemeteries and crematoria
Medical Examiner Bulletin – February 2021
Directory of UK Crematoria, 12 February 2021
Guidance on frontline funeral healthcare 09.02.21
Free Guide from Grief UK
Deed of Grant of Exclusive Right of Burial
Scottish Government Vaccination Programme – General Principles
BRAMM Blue Book – January 2021
National Medical Examiner – December 2020 Bulletin
Competition and Markets Authority Funerals Market Investigation – Final Report
Guidance – Reuse of graves policy
Cruse Leaflet – Coping with Grief at Christmas
National Medical Examiner Bulletin – October 2020
Summary Financial Statements for the year ending 31st March 2020
Directory of UK Crematoria, updated 12 October 2020
AGM 2020 Handbook
Letter from the Scottish Government Minister for Public Health, Sport and Wellbeing
Journal Tariff Card
COTS Quote Form 2020-2021
Review of ICCM Charter for the Bereaved and Charter for the Bereaved Choosing Natural Burial
DMAG – Coronavirus Lessons Learned
Accounts Year Ended 31st March 2019
Accounts Year Ended 31st March 2017
AGM Handbook 2018
AGM Handbook 2019
Accounts Year Ended 31st March 2018
Scotland – revised guidance – Cremation Regulations (Scotland) 2019
Scotland – revised guidance Cremation (Scotland) Regulations 2019
CFC Webinar Leaflet
National Medical Examiner Bulletin July 2020
CYA 2020
Medical Examiner Bulletin – June 2020
Easing of Lockdown in Cemeteries and Crematoria – Stages – England
DMAG – Lessons Learned
CMA Statement 28 May 2020
Coronavirus (COVID 19) Guidance for Funeral Directors, Scotland
Public Health Funeral Guidance
Wales – Covid 19 Funeral Guidance, Updated 5 May 2020
Environment Agency Newsletter re Covid 19
Covid 19 Member Newsletter 28 April 2020
Social Distancing Poster
Poster re social distancing
Covid 19 Member Newsletter 17 April 2020
Covid 19 Member Newsletter 15 April 2020
Covid 19 Member Newsletter 9 April 2020
Covid 19 Member Newsletter Updated Link 15 April 2020
CTTS Handbook April 2020
Scottish Government Guidance on PPE 13 April 2020
ICCM Guiding Principles for Burial and Cremation
Managing the Deceased During a Pandemic
Wales – Coronavirus Funeral Guidance
Covid 19 Member Newsletter 6 April 2020
Cremation Application Scotland – Supplementary Form
CTTS Handbook March 2020
Coronavirus Act äÛÒ excess death provisions: information and guidance for medical practitioners
Covid 19 Member Newsletter 30 March 2020
GRO Circular 27 March 2020
Joint Statement on Coronavirus Act 2020
Chief Coroner Guidance – Covid-19 – 26 March 2020
Scottish Registration Service – Covid-19 Guidance – Death and Stillbirth Guidance
Scottish Registration Service – Covid-19 Guidance
Infection Prevention and Control Guidance
Scottish Registration – R1
Scottish Government Newsletter 25 March 2020
DMAG Announcement
Joint Guidance on Coffin Handling 24 March 2020
Joint Guidance on Limited Attendance at a Funeral 23 March 2020
Mortlake Crematorium Guidance 24 March 2020
Wealden Crematorium Updated Guidance 23 March 2020
BCP Dorset Guidance to Stakeholders 23 March 2020
Covid 19 Member Newsletter 23 March 2020
Wyre Letter to Funeral Directors 23 March 2020
Wealden Crematorium 20 March 2020
Covid-19 Member Newsletter 20 March 2020
Mortlake Crematorium Poster 20 March 2020
Putney Vale Crematorium Message to Funeral Directors 18 March 2020
MoJ Exhumation Applications During Covid-19 Pandemic
NAFD Covid-19 Risk Assessment
Covid-19 Member Newsletter 18 March 2020
Covid-19 Joint Guidance 18 March 2020
Scottish Government Coronavirus Advice
Weston-super-Mare äÛÒ Somerset 27/03/20
Medical Examier Bulletin January 2020
FFMA New President Nov 2019
Grief Awareness Week Walk
Operational Risks Seminar Booking Form
Funeral Experts by Experience Infographic
Cremation (Scotland) Regulations 2019 Guidance Sept 2019
Medical Examiner Bulletin Sept 2019
Electronic transmission of Form 14
Draft Convention Guide 2019
Scottish Government Newsletter Autumn 2019
Accounts 2018-19
AGM 2019 Handbook
Medical Examiner Bulletin August 2019
Management of Memorials Guidance – updated August 2019
CFF for England – Technical Guidance July 2019
CFF Stakeholder Briefing
Medical Examiner Bulletin June 2019
Mat Crawley Fundraiser 2019
Cremation Guidance – Use of Auto Shutdown Functions in Crematoria 31/05/19
Able Futures Leaflet
Medical Examiner Bulletin May 2019
COTS Course 5 – Grass Cutting Info
Scottish Government Guidance on Funeral Costs
Joint Guidance – Coffin Weights in Scotland
Review of Crematoria Provision and Facilities
Recycling of Pacemakers Scheme Newsletter April 2019
CMA Administrative Timetable
Corporate Membership form
Professional Membership form
Cremation (Scotland) Regulations 2019 – Guidance
CMA Issues Statement
CMA Issues Statement Summary
Scottish Government Updated Guidance 4th April 2019
Scottish Cremation Form A6 revised
Scotland – new crematorium notification procedure
CWGC Signs Project Leaflet
Hedgehog Guide
Cremation (Scotland) Regulations 2019 Guidance Note
Letter from the Scottish Government re new Cremation Forms
Scottish Government Poster
Burial and Cremation (Scotland) Act Newsletter Winter 2018
Water Cremation Open Day Invite
New Memorial Standard BS 8415 2018
Future Regulation of Cemeteries
Implants – Burial and Cremation
Developing Organisations, Improving Performance
Not everything that can be counted counts
Pesticide Use Reduction in the Amenity Sector
The Upward Trajectory
Diversity Ready Cemeteries and Crematoria
Burial Space Reuse
What the Public Think of Crematoria
What Would You Do?
Pacemaker Cremation Testing Report – Facultatieve Technologies
ICCM Learning Convention and Exhibition Guide 2018
AGM 2018 Handbook
AGM 2018 Financial Report
COTS Excavator and Dumper Courses
COTS Controlling Risk in Cemeteries
COTS Controlling Risk in Crematoria
Natural Burials Event at Brookwood Cemetery
Public Health Funerals – ICCM Position Statement August 2018
Burial and Cremation (Scotland) Act – Newsletter Summer 2018
Government Response to Consultation on Medical Examiners and Death Certification
Managing Time and Presssure Course Flyer
Cremation Form 1
Cremation Form 10
Cremation Form 11
Cremation Form 12
Cremation Form 13
Cremation Form 2
Cremation Form 3
Cremation Form 4
Cremation Form 5
Cremation Form 6
Cremation Form 7
Cremation Form 8
Cremation Form 9
The Cremation (England and Wales) (Amendment) Regulations 2017
Death Certification – email from National Panel for Registration Feb 2018
Managing Time and Pressure Course
Recycling – Dragonflies Child Bereavement Project – Hastings Cram Nov 2017
Recycling – N England Child Cancer Research – Durham Crem Nov 2017
Recycling Press Release – Motor Neurone Disease -Mintlyn Crem Nov 2017
Recycling -WPH Counselling – Walsall Crematorium Nov 2017
Recycling – Breast Cancer Care – Sheffield Crematorium November 2017
Recycling – CRUSE Lincoln Crematorium Oct 2017
Recycling – Lily Foundation Croydon Crematorium Oct 2017
Recycling – Make A Wish – Peterborough Crematorium October 2017
Coffin Accreditation Schemes Incident Report Form
Coffin Accreditation Schemes Guidance
Coffin Accreditation Schemes Legal Opinion
Recycling Press Release – SUDEP Action South Essex Crematorium October 2017
Recycling – Rainbows Hospice Gilroes Crematorium September 2017
Accounts to end March 2017
Royal London Cost of Funerals Report 2017
Funeral Cost Plan Scotland – August 2017
Live Well Workshop
Recycling – SANDS – Durham Crematorium July 2017
Groundwater Seminar Presentation June 2017
Associate Corporate Member Application Form
Recycling – St Oswalds Hospice – Newcastle Crematorium June 2017
COTS Booking form
CTTS Handbook September 2016
Recruitment Service – Terms and Conditions
Recycling – Julias House – Weymouth Crematorium June 2017
Recycling – Carers – Leeds City Council May 2017
Recycling – Rowans Hospice -Portchester Crem May 2017
Being a Director Handbook 2017
Recycling – Ayrshire Cancer Support – Masonhill Crematorium May 2017
Scotland – Burial and Cremation Act 2016 Newsletter 2 Spring 2017
Scotland Cremation Regulations Consultation Paper 2017
Schedule 1 Form A1 adult or child
Schedule 2 Form A2 stillborn baby
Schedule 3 Form A3 pre 24 week pregnancy loss family arranged
Schedule 5 Form A5 adult or child local authority arranged national assistance
Schedule 7 Form A7 body parts after anatomical exam pre Anatomy Act 1984
Schedule 8 cremation register whole body
Schedule 9 cremation register body parts
Schedule 10 cremation register pregnancy loss
Recycling – Make a Wish – Swansea Crematorium May 2017
Recycling – Marie Curie -Bradford Crematorium May 2017
Recycling – Prince of Wales Hospice – Wakefield Crematorium May 2017
Recycling – Marie Curie -Bradford Crematorium – April 2017
Baby and Infant Cremations – ICCM Process Verification Scheme April 2017
Recycling – Cavendish Cancer Care – Sheffield City Crematorium April 2017
Recycling – Notts Wildlike Trust – Wilford Hill Crematorium – April 2017
Groundwater Seminar – Booking Form
Groundwater Sminar – Flyer and Programme
Recycling – Rainbows Hospice – Gilroes Crematorium April 2017
Recycling – Redway School – Milton Keynes Crematorium April 2017
Recycling – Rainbow Centre – South Bristol Crematorium April 2017
Recycling – CHAS -Houndwood Crematorium March 2017
Recycling – Royal Marsden – Mortlake Crematorium – March 2017
Recycling – Willows Support – Reading Crematorium – March 2017
Granting exclusive rights of burial
Recycling – Teardrop – N Tyneside Crematorium January 2017
Recycling – Teardrop Receipt – N Tyneside Crematorium Jan 2017
Recycling – Hospice at Home – Carlisle Crematorium January 2017
Recycling – St Barnabus Hospice – Carlisle Crematorium January 2017
Municipal Funeral Service – Example Tender and Specification
Municipal Funeral Service – Example Tender Letter
Board Report November 2015
Biard Report September 2015
Full Accounts to 31st March 2016
Burial and Cremation (Scotland) Act 2016 – Newsletter 1 – December 2016
GTN Patches – Exposion Risk – December 2016
Death Certification E and W – Draft Medical Examiner Checklist Nov 2016
Death Certification E and W – Local Authority Survey Nov 2016
Death Certification E and W – Overview of Death Certification Reforms Nov 2016
Royal London Report 2016 – National Funeral Cost Index
CTTS Newsletter 2016
Funeral Poverty National Conference Scotland November 2016
Cremation (England and Wales) (Amendment) Regulations 2016
Death Certification Reform – Dept of Health Newsletter July 2016
Tackling Funeral Poverty Seminar – Alex Strangwayes-Booth
Tackling Funeral Poverty Seminar – Heather Kennedy
Tackling Funeral Poverty Seminar – Martin Birch
Tackling Funeral Poverty Seminar – Nick Willcocks
Tackling Funeral Poverty Seminar – Simon Cox
Baby and Infant Cremations – NATIONAL INVESTIGATION REPORT June 2016
Survey – 21st Century Cemetery Research Project
Death Certification England and Wales – Lessons from the Pilots
Scotland – Electronic Completion of Form E1 by the Procurator Fiscal
Funeral Poverty Seminar Booking Form
Death Certification England and Wales Governance Overview sheet April 2016
Death Certification England and Wales FAQ sheet April 2016
Child Funeral Charity Seminar 6th Jult 2016
Baby and Infant Cremations – Joint Policy Statement – England and Wales WORD Version
Baby and Infant Cremations – Joint Best Practice Guidance – England and Wales
Baby and Infant Cremations – Joint Policy Statement – England and Wales
BRAMM – Adopting the Scheme – Burial Authorities
Scottish Bill – Health & Sports Committee Stage 1 Report
Scottish Bill – Local Govt and Regeneration Committee stage 1 Report
Scotland – Arranging a Funeral – Scottish Govt Publication January 2015
Charter for the Bereaved – Full Reference Copy
Recycling Newsletter January 2016
Scotland – National Committee Code of Practice for Infant Cremations November 2015
Anatomy and Cremation Scotland – Guidance Paper Oct 2015
Recycling Metal – Example press release after donation to charity
Fetal Remains Policy and Guidance – Updated September 2015
Cost of Funerals – Royal London Report 2015
Recycling of Metals press release September 15
Full Accounts to 31st March 2015
Baby and Infant Funerals Policy – September 2015 – Sands position statement
Board Report April 2015
Board Report January 2015
Baby and Infant Funerals – Miscarriage at Home June 2015
Scotland – Death Certification – Letter from Chief Medical Officer May 2015
Scotland – Death Certification – Form 14 – Cert of Registration of Death May 2015
Scotland – Death Certification – Form 6 – Cert of Stillbirth May 2015
Scotland – Death Certification – Form 8 – Cert of Registration of Stillbirth May 2015
Scotland – Death Certification Joint Guidance ICCM FBCA May 2015
Scotland – Death Certification Guidance Booklet from NAFD May 2015
Death Certification Scotland NAFD Flow Chart
Scottish Legislation – Letter from the Ministry of Justice – April 2015
CMO Scotland Letter April 2015
CMO Scotland Revisede Guidance Pregnancy loss April 2015
Scotland – New Form A for use on and after 13th May 2015
Questions People Ask about Burial and Cremation
Journal Article of the year winner for 2014
Northern Branch Forum Meeting Invitation for 11th March 2015
Ebola Guidance – Public Health England 23rd December 2014
Controlling the Risk of Infection from Human Remains – HSE Publication
Death Certification Reform Scotland – Implementation Update Dec 2014
Exhumation – Amendment to S25 Burial Act 1857 with effect from 1st January 2015
Cost of Funerals Report – Royal London ICCM YouGov December 2014
Board Report September 2014
Baby and Infant Cremations – Practice Guidance – Working Group Scotland
Death Certification E & W – MoJ letter to Crem Authorities and Medical Referees
Baby and Infant Cremations – Letter to Chief Executives Nov 2014
Recycling Newsletter November 2014
Membership Subscription Newsletter November 2014
Charter Guiding Principles
Death Certification Update Oct 2014
Death Certification – Letter from Jeremy Hunt Oct 2014
Charter Assessment Process – New Questions – Baby Cremations
Death Certification SCOTLAND Implementation Date
Cost of Funerals Report Press Release
Coffin Accreditation Response Form
Board Report February 2014
Board Report June 2014
Board Report May 2014
Full Accounts to 31st March 2014
South East Branch Meeting Bournemouth 13th September 2014
Baby and Infant Cemations – Initial Guidance July 2014
Burden Sharing Partner Sought – Tunbridge Well BC – July 2014
Definition of Ashes and Cremated Remains July 2014
Infant Cremation Commission Report – June 2014
Medical Referee Revalidation – GMC Guidance
Funeral Director Returning Ashes when contact lost with the Applicant
Digging Deep – Angie McLachlan
Newsletter – Transferring Grave Ownership April 2014
Board Report November 2013
Fetal Remains – Cessation of the Clinical Waste Route March 2014
Journal Abstract – Call To Arms February 2014
Open Coffins in Chapels – Policy and Guidance February 2014
Memorial Appeal – Help identify interesting and meaningful memorials Jan 2014
COTS and CTTS Accredited Training options
Board Report July 2013
Board Report September 2013
General shots
Death Certification England and Wales Update Summary October 2013
Death Certification Scotland Update October2013
Recycling Press Release РRecycling of Metals passes the Σ1m mark for donations
NBG Adoption Process
NBG Guiding Principles
NBG Guide for the Public
NBG Press Release
NBG – Charter for the Bereaved Choosing Natural Burial
Full Accounts to 31st March 2013
Mercury – DEFRA Direction 2013
Board Report April 2013
Chief Coroners Guidance on Pre-Signed Forms
Death Certification Reform – UPDATE July 2013
Scotland – Death Certification Update June 2013
Bereavement Services Portal Directory
Board Report February 2013
Scotland – Death Certification Update – April 2013
Medical Reviewer Consultation Scotland April 2013
Journal Spring 2013
Death Certification – Funding Medical Examiner Decision Feb 2013
Medical Referees Revalidation – England and Wales
Board Report July 2012
Board Report September 2012
Medical Referees – Revalidation – Scotland
Energising Your Roof
Large Funerals Booking Checklist
Coffins – Green Environmental – Initial Guidance October 2012
MoJ Response from Minister – Cremated Remains September 2012
Board Report February 2012
Board Report May 2012
Full Accounts to 31st March 2012
Members Day Reuse 14th November 2012
Death Certification Newsletter – Issued by the DoH September 2012
MoJ Ministers Response – Reuse – August 2012
Non-Exhibiting Suppliers Application Form
Notice for ABA Members – July 2012
Holding Over Cremations Joint Guidance 2012
Letter to the Minister (MoJ) – Cremated Remains July 2012
COTS Burial Control and Complaince Course – NEW for August 2012
BRAMM – Registration Schemes – Counsels Opinion
Reuse – Letter to the Minister June 2012
Death Certification – MoJ Letter to Medical Referees 14 June 2012
A Board response to the letter from Ian Hussein
A letter from Ian Hussein
A Staff response to the letter from Ian Hussein
Obituary – John Shelton of JG Shelton and Co
ET May 2012
Death Certification Reform – UPDATE March 2012
Death Certification – Letter from Andrew Lansley April 2012
VAT on Memorials Update March 2012
Board Report December 2011
Board Report June 2011
Board Report September 2011
MoJ letter – Cremation Guidance 28th Feb 2012
TJ Article of the year info 2012
Research Request – Bath University – The Funeral Payment Scheme feb2012
Rateable Value of Cemeteries
Board Report April 2011
Full Accounts to 31st March 2011
Scotland – Response from First Minister August 2011
Scotland Letter to 1st Minister July 2011
Board Report January 2011
Board Report November 2010
Medical Examiner delay – Letter from Under Sec of State 19th April 2011
Plastic Recycling – The Garden Gang Flyer March 2011
Exhumation Licence Application Form and Guidance MoJ March 2011
Plastic Recycling News Feb 2011
Board Report September 27th 2010
Board Report September 8th 2010
Certification of Death (Scotland) Bill – Update 14th January 2011
Message from the British Heart Foundation
A Thank you from the National AIDS Trust – December 2010
Message from MacMillan Cancer Support (December 2010)
Director Service Agreement Nov 2010
Images of Conference and Exhibition 2010
Board Report August 2010
BCET Carbon Footprint Scheme Application Form
BCET Carbon Questionnaire Sample
ET Sept 2010
Portal & Website Newsletter September 2010
Board Report March 2010
Full Accounts to 31st March 2006
Full Accounts to 31st March 2007
Full Accounts to 31st March 2008
Full Accounts to 31st March 2009
BCET Carbon Footprint Scheme Article August 2010
Full Accounts to 31st March 2010
BCET Grant Application Form
Charter Member application form
Code of Conduct – Professional Members
Board Report January 2010
Mercury – DEFRA Direction 2010
Mercury – Welsh Assembly Govt Direction 2010
Scottish Law Consultation – ICCM Branch / FBCA Scottish Sub Comm Response
Scottish Law Consultation – ICCM Board Response
Charter Assessment Process Review March 2010
Funeral Pyres – Final Judgement
Recycling Plastic Flyer March 2010
Northern Branch meeting notice and agenda – Gateshead 24th March 10
Board Report December 08
Board Report February 08
Board Report July 08
Board Report July 09
Board Report June 07
Board Report June 08
Board Report March 07
Board Report March 09
Board Report May 07
Board Report May 08
Board Report May 09
Board Report November 07
Board Report November 08
Board Report November 09
Board Report October 07
Board Report October 08
Board Report September 08
Member Review Panel Report
Board Report December 06
Newsletter Funeral Pyres Feb 2010
Coroners and Justice Act 2009 – BCAG Presentation Nov09
Ombudsmans Report on Memorials – ICCM Comment
BCET Carbon Footprint Scheme Leaflet
Scotland Burial Grounds (Scotland) Act 1855
Scotland Cremation Regulations 1935
Scotland Cremation Regulations 1952
Scotland Cremation (Amendment) Regulations 1967
Scotland Cremation (Amendment) Regulations 1985
Scotland Cremation (Amendment) Regulations 2003
MoJ – Burial Law Policy for the 21st Century
CPD Development Plan
CPD Scheme Info and Application Form
CPD Learning Record
PI Model Questionnaire
PI Example Survey Questions
Shallow Depth Graves Policy
COTS Onsite Requirements
Local Authorities Cemeteries Order 1977
Re-use Policy
Recycling Account
Environmental Policy ICCM
Body Parts Policy
Charter – Order Form Framed Guiding Principles
Charter – Draft Certificate
Charter – Funeral Directive
Charter – Living Will
Charter – Questions People Ask about Burial & Cremation
Recycling – Security of Precious Metals
Memorandum of Association
Pandemic Planning Paper by Ken West
Pandemic Plans – ICCM Checklist
Recycling Bronze Plaques
Recycling Consent on CRS Disposal Form
Recycling Consent on Preliminary Appliication
Recycling Model Press Release
Metals Recycling Information Pack
NEWSLETTER Memorial Guidance Jan09
Cardiff Example Form 1
Cardiff Example Forms 4 and 5
Notification letter Crem Regs 2008
EGM Newsletter
Review Panel News No.1
Newsletter Crem Closure
British Heart Foundation Rec Jan08
MacMillan Rec Jan08
Message from the Chairman 15th Jan08
Crem Closure Letter Jan08
ICCoMply BCM Order Form
Intermediate application form
ICCoMply Order Form
Member Feedback
Survey – Obstacles to Modernisation / Service Development
MacMillan Receipt 07
H T Hospices receipt 07
Exemption Application Form
Mercury Comparison
AQ19(06) Reduced Temp
Customer Care DVD Booking form
Trust Annual Report
Excellence Criteria
Trust Strategic Plan
Mercury Update Dec05
Scotland Reuse Paper
ICCM Reuse Policy
Mercury Survey Update
Env Agency Policy Final
Example Declarations
Response to Env Agency
Mercury Legal Opinion
Ownership of ImplantApr05
CTTS Handbook
Article of the Year 2007
Memorial Management
OSPAR Response