National Cemetery Map

Parish Online (, supported by the ICCM, has just launched a National Cemetery Map which, as it matures, will provide an increasingly accurate nation-wide view of the provision of cemetery, crematorium and burial ground services. The Cemetery Map will be freely available to all and can be foundĀ  below and at Any local council or district authority can display the Cemetery Map on their website so that it is available to their residents.

Your support needed

At ICCM we have recognised for a long time that there is no consolidated national view of cemeteries and crematoria, which makes it difficult to develop services which meet the evolving religious and cultural needs of the population.

We think that the National Cemetery Map will also be useful for companies and individuals involved in the death care sector, as well as members of the public and researchers, so that they can compare facilities by criteria such as religious denomination, type of burial ground and management authority.

If you look at the Map in its current state, you will notice that many cemeteries, crematoria and burial grounds are identified on the map, but when you click on an individual cemetery there is very little, if any, information about the facilities offered.

So our next challenge is to ask local authorities and the other cemetery managers (churches, natural burial sites, private cemetery operators etc) to add their information to the National Cemetery Map. Any council can edit data about their cemeteries via their Parish Online account (if they have one). The National Cemetery Map is in the National Maps folder in every Parish Online account. If you are not a Parish Online user, you can sign up for a free one-month trial (see which will give you immediate access to the National Cemetery Map as well as the ability to add/edit your information. ICCM has also agreed with Parish Online that, even if your council chooses not to subscribe to Parish Online once the trial is completed, you will still have free and permanent access to see and edit the National Cemetery Map.

We will provide regular updates on the progress of this exciting new venture.