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The Institute provides a range of training courses designed to meet the requirements of burial and cremation authorities and companies that are delivered by a team of qualified staff.

The following short courses are currently available however specific training can be designed to meet with individual needs. Contact the national office for further information

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Details of hosting a course and receiving free training for 2 members of staff are also available below.

New Additions

One-day Management courses in association with Heartled Wellbeing. These courses represent extremely good value for money, and are designed to help bereavement services professionals with responsibility for others to develop their supervisory and management skills. Courses available are:

Crucial Conversations (Managing Difficult People)

Managing Time and Pressure

Live Well Workshop (Wellbeing)

Dates of courses are given below, or enquire about hosting a course by emailing

Controlling Risks in Cemeteries and Crematoria. Fully accredited by City & Guilds. Two separate qualifications are now provided for those with a responsibility for safety in Cemeteries and/or Crematoria. 

Manual Handling – City & Guilds ACCREDITED

Service specific Level 2 qualification in manual handling delivered by qualified ICCM instructors and assessors.

Risk Assessment and Safe Systems Training sessions with cemetery operatives, crematorium technicians, supervisors and managers covering hazard identification, risk assessment and formulation of safe systems of work for your site and equipment used.

As staff will be identifying and analysing the risks the subsequent safe system of work that is formulated has ‘ownership’ and is therefore both reasonable and workable.

This course helps achieve compliance with the Management of Health & Safety at Work Regulations and provides the documentation and training required as evidence.

Customer Care

Service Specific A one day course with the back up of a comprehensive DVD that enables you to compile your own training sessions for your staff therefore reducing costs.

The DVD is available at a cost of %uFFFD plus vat. This unusually low fee was made possible by the Department for Constitutional Affairs who funded production costs.

The fee is used to cover costs of duplicating the DVD and provision of a handbook. £10 from every sale is to be donated to the Burial & Cremation Education Trust – a registered charity.

Call the national office if you wish to host a course or attend a regional event.

The Transfer Granting and Exercising of Burial Rights

In this age of litigation it is of paramount importance that burial authorities and companies protect their position by allowing only those legally entitled rights to take over grave ownership.

This course identifies the legal documents that are required to effect a transfer of ownership to the person entitled to the rights and what to do should no legal documents be available.

Cemetery Sexton Training

This course has been designed to enable your representative that meets and assists with each burial in your cemetery.

The course covers the legal aspects relating to the Local Authorities Cemeteries Order 1977 and current health and safety legislation as well as the customer care considerations in respect of both the chapel and committal services.

Enabling the provision of a respectful, dignified and trouble free service are the main course outcomes.

This course is useful for Managers, grave diggers and administrative staff.

Memorial Management Seminars

This course covers both management and operational facets of the discipline and enables the manager to formulate a strategy, seek funding, create awareness and finally implement a programme for the systematic inspection of memorials and making safe those identified as being hazardous.

As this course covers the operational elements of inspection, testing and action, staff engaged for this purpose will be fully trained and ready to commence.

The course follows the principles set out in the ICCM Management of Memorials Guidance.

The above courses can be arranged directly for individual authorities or companies or on a host basis.

Details of the benefits for host authorities or companies can be obtained from the National Office by emailing


Cemetery Management and Compliance Course

Customer Care Course

Sexton Duties Course 

Tuesday, 8th September 20 09:30-13:00 – online training

Tuesday, 10th November 20 09:30-13:00 – online training

Memorial Management Course 

Live Well Workshop – Crucial Conversations (Managing Difficult People)

Exhumation of Human Remains

Friday, 25th September 20 09:30-13:00 – online training

Thursday, 19th November 20 09:30-13:00 – online training

Exclusive Rights of Burial Course

Tuesday, 22nd and Wednesday, 23rd September 20 09:15-12:00 – online training

Tuesday, 3rd and Wednesday, 4th November 20 09:15-12:00 – online training

Tuesday, 24th and Wednesday, 25th November 20 09:15-12:00 – online training

Public Health Funerals Course

Tuesday, 17th November 20 09:30-13:00 – online training


Why not host a course and receive training for 2 people free of charge.

All that you need to do is provide a suitable room for the courses. We would ask that lunch is ordered locally with the invoice being passed to the Institute for payment therefore there are no costs to hosts.

WE WILL – Advertise the course, carry out all administrative functions and provide all teaching material for the day.

Contact Julie at the National Office for further details –

Online courses

We are now starting online courses. We have a few dates in place. Please contact for more information