Online training courses

The following courses are currently available as live, interactive, online training – click the name of the course to find out more:

Cemetery Management and Compliance

ICCM and Cruse Loss and Bereavement Awareness

Sexton Duties

Exhumation of Human Remains

Public Health Act Funerals

Granting, Exercising and Transferring Exclusive Rights of Burial (EROB)

Establishing & Managing Gardens of Remembrance

In person training courses

The following courses are currently available as in person training

Customer Care 

Management of Memorials – as this course contains a practical element it can’t be delivered online. Physical courses are currently being held.

Specific training can be designed to meet with individual needs. Contact the ICCM National Office for further information, tel: 020 8989 4661, or email  –

Dates of courses are given below – click on the date to download information and a booking form, or enquire about a bespoke course by emailing –

Please note that the cost quoted on the application form is per person, not per authority. If more than one attendee is to share a video link, each attendee must be booked onto the training course and have agreed to pay the required fee.

Copyright of all training courses and materials remains with the ICCM and they must not be copied, reproduced or otherwise used without the written permission of the ICCM. Training courses will not be recorded by the ICCM, and must not be recorded by any of the participants.


Cemetery Management and Compliance Course
Sexton Duties Course 

Thursday, 30th May 2024
Thursday, 18th July 2024

Exhumation of Human Remains
Friday, 26th July 2024
Friday, 23rd August 2024

Exclusive Rights of Burial Course (NB the contents of this course are the same as day 2 of the Cemetery Management and Compliance course; if you have recently completed the Compliance course you may wish to delay attending the Exclusive Rights of Burial course until you need a refresher).

Tuesday 16th & Wednesday 17th July 2024

Public Health Funerals Course
Friday, 12th July 2024
Friday, 9th August 2024

ICCM and Cruse Loss and Bereavement Awareness Course
Thursday, 15th August 2024

Establishing & Managing Gardens of Remembrance
Thursday, 23rd May 2024
Thursday, 1st August 2024


Management of Memorials – Inspection workshop
Stamford Town Council – Lincolnshire – Friday, 21st June 2024
Dartmouth Town Council – Devon – Friday, 7th June 2024
Runnymede Borough Council – Surrey – Wednesday, 17th July 2024
Maidstone Borough Council – Kent – Tuesday, 16th July 2024
East Suffolk Services Ltd. – Suffolk – Thursday, 3rd October 2024