Please see the links below for guidance and downloads on a range of subjects and issues:


Scotland – New Requirements of Reporting the Opening of a New Crematorium

The Burial and Cremation (Scotland) Act 2016 repeals the Cremation Act 1902 with effect from 4 April 2019.  The minimum distance requirement for a crematorium from residential housing will no longer apply.  There is now a new procedure to be followed before a new crematorium can start operating. This is set out in section 59 of the 2016 Act.  Section 60 of the 2016 Act sets out the penalties that may apply if these requirements are not complied with. A Guidance Note issue by the Scottish Government on the new procedure can be downloaded here.

Joint Guidance on Coffin Weights in Scotland

Following the introduction of the Cremation (Scotland) Regulations 2019, the NAFD, Scottish SAIF, ICCM and FBCA have published joint guidance on dealing with the requirement for funeral directors to submit the weight of a coffin to the cremation authority. This guidance is for the interim period of 6 months to allow funeral directors time to purchase appropriate weighing machines. The guidance can downloaded here

Cremation (Scotland) Regulations 2019

The Scottish Government issued Guidance on the new Cremation Regulations on 5th April 2019. A copy of the Guidance can be downloaded here.

Updated Guidance from the Scottish Government

New cremation forms in Scotland came into use on 4th April 2019. The Scottish Government has issued some updated guidance relating to the new forms, which can be read here.

Scotland – Revised Form A6 and Cremation Registers

The Scottish Government have issued updated guidance on a revised Form A6 and on cremation registers. You can read the updated guidance here, and download a copy of the revised Form A6 here.

Scottish Government Stakeholder Toolkit

The Scottish Government has published a stakeholder toolkit on devolved Social Security benefits, including the Funeral Expense Assistance, which is being introduced this year. More information can be viewed here

Scottish Government Infant Cremation Code of Practice

The Scottish Government has published their Infant Cremation Code of Practice on their website. The Code can be viewed here

Scottish Government Guidance on Funeral Costs

The Scottish Government have published guidance on funeral costs. A news release can be seen here. A copy of the Guidance can be seen here.