The Institute is the only organisation in the United Kingdom which supports individuals employed in the burial and cremation industry. This support is achieved by providing and developing an organisation which sets ethical, professional, environmental and social standards for the management of burial, cremation and related services. The Institute is also the sole provider of appropriate and accredited education and training to ensure that these standards are achieved and maintained.

As a member of the Institute you will have access to all Nationally Accredited education and training initiatives together with the support of officers and fellow members. The Institute is a knowledge base in which members network through Branch meetings or on a one to one basis.

Ease of access to information and advice for its membership is a fundamental principle of the Institute. Further information concerning membership benefits is contained below.

You can apply online here.

PROFESSIONAL MEMBERSHIP Individuals employed in cemeteries, crematoria or ancilliary services may apply for Associate membership. The current fee is indicated on the appropriate downloadable form opposite.

The Institute has also produced a Code of Professional Practice and Conduct for its Members.

ICCM – Promoting and Developing Best Practice in Cemeteries and Crematoria

Professional Benefits:

  • HNC Accredited Diploma.
  • BTEC Accredited CTTS courses.
  • City & Guilds Accredited Cemetery Operative Training Scheme.
  • CPD Scheme to keep you up-to-speed. 
  • Annual student seminar.
  • 4 issues of The Journal per year.
  • Reduced rates for the annual Learning Convention
  • E-Newsletters and legal / technical updates.
  • Access to 3 full-time officers via a National Office.
  • Branch meetings and forums for learning and for discussing common problems. 
  • Ballots of full membership prior to change.
  • Representation at Government level.
  • Best Practice Guidance, training and information on a vast range of subjects.
  • Comprehensive website.
  • Bereavement Services Portal. 
  • Recruitment Service.