Download the ICCM Policy for the reuse of graves.

Ministry of Justice – Burial Law Policy in the 21st Century: the way forward.
Despite the above policy, government has shelved plans for a national scheme to re-use graves which is surprising as re-use is lawful in London (see below). The Institute has expressed its disappointment at this decision and will continue to press for reform in order that ‘the public will continue to have access to local affordable burial space’ (quote – Parliamentary Select Committee 2001)

LONDON LOCAL AUTHORITIES ACT 2007 – The Act contains section 74 that permits the reuse of  private graves in London. Differential legislation for London is not unusual however it sometimes paves the way for wider application.


A review of the law relating to the disposal of the dead in Scotland was undertaken some time ago with a variety of papers being submitted for discussion.  The report and recommendations of the review group can be viewed here however, none have yet been implemented.

Risk of Infection from Human Remains

Download this HSE publication here.