Public Survey Questionnaires

To know what our customers feel about the service we are providing is essential to the operation of our cemeteries and crematoria. It is not for us to assume that what we are doing is meeting the needs of our customers, we have to ask them.
All too often we feel that it is too sensitive a subject to ask a recently bereaved family about the standard of service they have just experienced. Far from it! Results of customer satisfaction surveys indicate it is too sensitive a subject NOT to ask.

Many authorities who routinely send questionnaires to families with their information pack following the funeral, find that they have a return rate in excess of 50%. In survey terms this is a superb response rate. Further to assessing the level of customer satisfaction the information you obtain can then be used to compare your service with others, if you use the same base questions.


Questions and Quessionnaires

Model Questionnaire – adaptable to meet your specific requirements

Example Questions – additional questions for consideration