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Full BTEC HNC in the Management of Natural Burial

Specific unit under construction – Full details of the Diploma in the management of natural burial to follow however this will include the specific unit plus 5 management units currently available.

ALL DIPLOMA MODULES ARE ACCREDITED TO BTEC HNC STANDARD with external monitoring and verification being undertaken by Edexcel.

The fully accredited BTEC HNC Diploma is the only specialised qualification currently available to those employed within the Burial and Cremation Service. Holding an ICCM a Diploma demonstrates not only the possession of a recognised academic qualification, but also recognises an individuals character and commitment to developing his or her own management competencies in  a  specialised and sensitive field of work.

Study is flexible and caters for those that wish to progress to the full Diploma together with those that only want to go as far as the certificate stage or those that only wish to take one module relevent to their particular role.

The panes below explain the full Diploma and the certificate stages. Full details, cost and application form are available by downloading The Education Handbook here (link) Those studying will also require Associate Professional membership – download the membership application form here. This does not apply to those studying the Administrative Services uniy only.

An Education Seminar is held annually that allows students, tutors, Stratford Business School and Institute officers to gather together at this networking educational opportunity. Students are able to complete at least one assignment during the seminar. Full details are available here.

The Diploma is adminstered for the Institute by the Stratford Business School (SBS) who we are pleased to be working in partnership with.

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Structure of the Full Diploma Course

The following units are required to achieve the full Diploma in the Management of Natural Burial Grounds.

The Management of Natural Burial Grounds (Core Unit . Accreditation currently being arranged)

Plus the following units that are available now:
  • Managing Financial Resources & Decisions
  • Organisations & Behaviour
  • Managing Activities to Achieve Results
  • Human Resources Management
  • Administrative Services

The Certificate in the Management of Natural Burial Grounds is awarded when a student gains  the Core Unit plus any two of the remaining units.

ICCM Diploma with Honours

Following completion of the Diploma, students have an option to produce a relevant Thesis on a current issue within the service.

The thesis will be required to meet the Diploma in Management Studies standard to achieve an ICCM Diploma with Honours.

The thesis should be completed within a one year period from start to finish.

ICCM Certificate

On completion of the required combination of the core and other units, students will be awarded the ICCM Certificate for the Management of Natural Burial Grounds.

The required combinations are contained in the Education Handbook (to follow).

Studying for the ICCM Certificate should be completed within a two year period to obtain the qualification.


Those with non-core subject qualifications gained elsewhere may apply for exemption(s) from certain Diploma units.

The Application for Exemption Form should be completed and submitted with the appropriate evidence requested.