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  • BRAMM Statement - Single Registration Scheme
    The BRAMM board is disappointed that a single registration scheme might no be achieved. Read the full statement here.

  • Journal Article of the Year 2014 - Read the winning article  judged as being of great practical and operational benefit to members. 

  • Ebola - Guidance issued by Public Health England
    Public Health England has issued Information for the Funeral Industry. This document addresses queries received from people working in the funeral industry.
    The above should be read in conjunction with HSE guidance
    Controlling the Risks of Infection at work from Human Remains.

  • SCOTLAND - The Death Certification Implementation date has been put back a few weeks to the 13th May 2015
    Download the letter from the Scottish Government here.

  • Amendment to Section 25 of the Burial Act 1857
    The above legislation will be amended and simplified from 1st January 2015 by the Church of England (Miscellaneous Provisions) Measure 2014.
    Currently a Faculty only is required to exhume remains from consecrated ground and rebury in another consecrated place.
    From 1st January 2015 you will only need approval from either the Secretary of State (via a Ministry of Justice license) or the Church of England, depending on the current location of the remains.
    Members will have received an E-Newsletter however
    the Ministry of Justice has issued a summary.

  • Royal London Cost of Funerals Report - The report and press release have been published.
    Alert your local media.

  • Diploma - Crematorium Management Unit review. Upgrade your accredited qualification to include specifics relating to baby and infant cremation.
    (Included for those enrolling from December 2014)

  • Diary Date - Learning Convention and Exhibition 2015
    28th to 30th September at the Forest Pines Hotel.  Join in with the largest annual gathering of authorities and professionals.

  • Infant Cremation Commission - REPORT PUBLISHED - Members in all parts of the UK are strongly advised to read the report in full.

  • MORTONHALL REPORT - Cremation of Babies
    Members will be aware that Edinburgh City Council commissioned the RT Hon Dame Elish Angiolini DBE QC to investigate matters surrounding the cremation of babies following widespread media reports in Scotland. Edinburgh City Council has published the report and it is 
    publicly available for download here.
    The report is lengthy however members are advised to read all of the report and particularly the legal and expert opinions contained in Section 2.
    Whilst this matter focuses on Scotland, members in all parts of the UK are advised to keep up to speed with this issue.

  • Transferring Grave Ownership - Support for Corporate and Professional members. Download the newsletter here.

  • Fetal Remains - Cessation of the Clinical Waste Route in the UK. A major step forward for the sensitive and proper treatment of babies. Download further information here.

    • England and Wales - Death certification update October 2013. Download here.

    • Muslim Burial - View the Convention presentation given by Mohamed Omer of the Gardens of Peace cemetery and gain a greater insight into custom and practice. Download the presentation here

    • Cremation of Green/Environmental Coffins - Initial guidance on charging formulated by a group of interested organisations and experienced professionals. Download the guidance here

    • Commonwealth War Graves Commission plans to place a small notice in all cemeteries where war graves are maintained. Institute members are encouraged to support this wothwhile initiative - Read More and view the notice.





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