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  • Transferring Grave Ownership - Support for Corporate and Professional members. Download the newsletter here.

  • Fetal Remains - Cessation of the Clinical Waste Route in the UK. A major step forward for the sensitive and proper treatment of babies. Download further information here.


  • Journal Article of the Year 2013 - Read the winning article  judged as being of great practical and operational benefit to members. 


  • Infant Cremation Commission - Scotland - Update December 2013
    Whilst this newsletter concerns primarily matters in Scotland, all UK members might wish to keep updated with the work of the Infant Cremation Commission.

  • The Scottish Government has updated the webpages to include a general progress update and publication of the minutes of the August meeting of the Commission.


  • The Learning Convention and Exhibition 2014 will be held at the Forest Pines Hotel from Monday 29th September to Wednesday 1st October 2014



  • England and Wales - Death certification update October 2013. Download here.

  • Muslim Burial - View the Convention presentation given by Mohamed Omer of the Gardens of Peace cemetery and gain a greater insight into custom and practice. Download the presentation here

  • Cremation of Green/Environmental Coffins - Initial guidance on charging formulated by a group of interested organisations and experienced professionals. Download the guidance here

  • Commonwealth War Graves Commission plans to place a small notice in all cemeteries where war graves are maintained. Institute members are encouraged to support this wothwhile initiative - Read More and view the notice.

  • Sensitive Disposal of Fetal Remains - Updated policy and guidance can be downloaded here.

  • Baby & Infant Funerals Policy and Guidance - Formulated with the kind assistance of Sands, the document provides advice on best practice when dealing with baby and infant funerals. The document also provides focus on the current issue of usage of public graves for babies. Download here.






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