ICCM Recruitment Service has been used by numerous employers over many years and is seen as the main advertising media for bereavement service positions.

A copy of each advertisement is sent to every active ICCM Member at their email address thus guaranteeing that the target audience is notified. Those members not having email access are sent a paper copy.

Each advertisement is set out on a A4 sheet and can include authority or company logo together with any other graphics required. A proof copy is provided to the advertiser following which copies are dispatched to all ICCM Members within 96 hours. Ideally the process of submission of text and graphics and subsequent proofing is undertaken electronically via email.

All recruitment advertisements are also placed on this page and on our Facebook and Twitter accounts.

The cost of placing a recruitment advertisement together with the terms and conditions applicable are available as a download below.

Contact for further assistance.


Should your authority or company wish to advertise a vacancy download the Terms and Conditions here.

Full details on how to proceed are contained in this document.