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The management of memorials has been a major problem throughout the UK for most cemetery managers.There have been six deaths over the past 20 years and many serious accidents. The ICCM are active across the UK providing a range of assistance to authorities from the provision of Memorial Safety Workshops to consultancy reports to support the service in obtaining the necessary funding for the service.

The COURTS have made some judgements when memorial owners have challenged the actions of burial authorities. These judgements (example here) have supported the actions of authorities that are simply carrying out their statutory duties and complying with health and safety legislation where memorial owners have failed to maintain their property. Note that
 adopting the correct procedures and maintaining documented evidence as indicated in the judgements will assist you should a challenge be made.

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The Institute’s policy and guidance has been amended to take into account the revised BS8415. Note that the latest British Standard is:
BS8415: 2018. Download a copy of the ICCM Management of Memorials Policy here.

The BRAMM Blue Book

The Blue Book is a guide for memorial masons and cemetery personnel.

The information provided in the Blue Book offers an account of best practice for the installation of a lawn memorial, and is a good reference point for anyone developing their knowledge or preparing to take an associated industry qualification.

Download a copy of the latest Blue Book here.

You can distribute the Blue Book to your local memorial masons and include compliance in your regulations.

It is also intended to help Burial Ground managers and staff understand processes and procedures used by memorial masons when fixing and re-fixing lawn memorials in cemeteries & burial grounds. Therefore this is a working document for both burial ground staff and memorial masons.

NEWSLETTER Memorial Guidance Jan09
Court Judgement – Memorials
Deed – Memorial Rights
Memorial Press Release

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The ICCM welcome the Ombudsman’s report which supports much of the work we have carried out, however, health and safety legislation, financial restrictions and the legality of spending large amounts of public funding on private property must also be considered.

Download the ICCM comment on the Ombudsman’s report here


The Minstry of Justice issued guidance on the management of memorials on Friday 23rd January 2009. 
The Institute issued a Membership Newsletter on 27th January 2009 on the subject of the MoJ Guidance. The newsletter indicates two dilemmas for burial authorities that will need careful consideration by those with a responsibility for health and safety matters.