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  • Cremation (Scotland) Regulations - New Forms
  • Read a letter from the Scottish Government about the new cremation application forms here. Download the poster referred to in the letter here

  • Cremation (Scotland) Regulations - Guidance Notes
  • The latest version of the Guidance Notes for the Cremation (Scotland) Regulations 2019 can be downloaded here

  • Joint Seminar - Wednesday 27th March, Stratford Manor
  • Download a programme for the Joint Seminar here, and a booking form here

  • Midlands and Mid-Wales Branch Meeting
  • The next meeting of the Midlands and Mid-Wales Branch is being held at Redditch Crematorium on Tuesday 16th April 2019. Further details here.

  • Scottish Government's Proposed Draft Guidance on Funeral Costs
  • The independent analysis of consultation responses received on the proposed draft guidance on funeral costs by the Scottish Government has now been published.


    You can access the publication here.

  • A New Management Training Course
  • The ICCM, in association with Heartled Wellbeing, is holding a Leading Empowered Organisations (LEO) training course in the Newmarket Road Cemetery Chapel, Newmarket Road, Cambridge, on 7th, 8th and 14th March. LEO is a powerful programme designed to develop resilient, confident, inspirational leaders.  Designed for people with leadership responsibilities in any organisation, LEO is based on principles of respect, dignity and empowerment. Colleagues from services other than Bereavement Services would be welcome to attend - the more delegates form an authority the better to allow the principles of LEO to be shared and championed within the organisation.

  • The full LEO course is 3 days; day 1 and 2 run consecutively, and day 3 is held the following week. Further details and a booking form can be found here.

  • One Stop Shop for Bereavement Support
  • A charity,, has been set up to provide a one-stop shop for Bereavement Support. provides a unique, national, one-stop web based information service, signposting people to the range of bereavement services that exist across the UK. More information about the Charity can be found here, and their website can be found here.

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