Transfer of Ownership of Exclusive Right of Burial

Effecting a legally sound transfer of ownership is vitally important in order to protect your authority or company. It is imperative that you only allow a transfer of ownership to take place to the person or persons who are ENTITLED.

A transfer can be legally effected on the production of a Grant of Probate or Letters of Administration. If one or the other of these legal documents have not been issued a Statutory Declaration made by the lawful next of kin must be completed.

Did the owner leave a Will or were Letters of Administration issued? Use a search facility here.

Who is entitled to take over grave ownership? Find out about who inherits if no will is left here.


The ICCM runs a one-day training course covering the legal process of transferring burial rights in order to assist cemetery personnel to properly complete the legal process. Keep an eye on the Other Training page of this site for a course near to you.

If you would like to host a course please contact the National Office and we will do all the work required. There are no costs to hosts who will secure free places on the course. Details for ‘Hosts’ are also contained on the Other Training page.