The Crematorium Technicians Training Scheme (CTTS) is provided as part of the Institute of Cemetery and Crematorium Management (ICCM) portfolio of  accredited  educational courses; it can be completed on its own to conform with the requirements of the Process Guidance Notes for Crematoria or as a prelude to the Provision Layout and Management of Crematoria Unit which is part of the ICCM diploma course.

Edexcel has accredited the course to BTEC standard and validates its contents on an annual basis. The course, which is supplied via email, is worked through at the candidate’s own pace. An on site or on-line video assessment forms part of the course.

CTTS is the only qualification mentioned in the Secretary of State’s Process Guidance Note that has the credibility of performing to a nationally recognised standard.


BTEC Certificate for ICCM Crematorium Technical Operations

The course requires that you work through the course workbook under the supervision of an on-site mentor (usually a senior member of the Crematorium team and somebody who already holds the ICCM CTTS qualification).

When the mentor is satisfied that competence in the operation of cremation equipment has been achieved an application for an assessment is arranged.

A qualified ICCM appointed assessor will visit your crematorium in person or virtually, where assessment of competence is undertaken.

The course includes the cremation of babies and infants and competence must be demonstrated in this sensitive part of our service. The care of bereaved parents is also considered.

NOTE TO MENTORS – After you have successfully mentored two candidates through the Intermediate stage you will be eligible to receive the ‘Accredited Mentor’s’ certificate. Also note that the previous requirement to complete 100 cremations has been removed therefore mentor’s may nominate candidates under their guidance to undergo assessment when satisfied that the candidate is ready.

More info rmation and application forms and fees are contained in the CTTS Handbook

Baby and Infant Cremation Accreditation

In April 2017 the Institute launched a baby and infant cremation accreditation Scheme designed to assist cremation authorities to comply with the Bonomy recommendations regarding observed cremations.

The scheme verifies procedures at crematoria to ensure the maximisation of recovery of ash via an in-house accredited mentor.

All mentors and technicians that pass through the scheme are certificated.  Further information is available here.

ICCM retained accreditation

Following the Edexcel becoming part of Pearson it was required that CTTS is re-accredited. The process has been completed and we are pleased to say that CTTS has retained its BTEC accreditation.

The revised course includes a specific unit covering Baby and Infant Cremations and abatement equipment. The course also assists cremation authorities in Scotland to comply with the recommendations made in the Infant Cremation Commission Report.