The ICCM has a very simple structure at present with a Board of Directors responsible for making the policy decisions that guide the direction of the organisation.

ROLE OF INSTITUTE DIRECTOR There are 8 directors who are responsible for coordinating the work of the Institute and work closely with appointed officers. The Board agreed that they alone must be able to elect when a certain decision or response may be delegated to one or more Directors. The key areas of their responsibility are defined as follows :
1. Education & Training
2. Staff & Administration/Personnel & Facilities Management
3. Charter for the Bereaved/Excellence Recognition Scheme/Best Value Assessment Process.
4. Finance
5. Membership & promotion
6. Support Services
7. Co-ordination of ICCM Management Plan. This is aimed at providing a structured approach to the decision making process of the Institute. Every member will be aware of the responsibilities of each Director. This would also apply to outside organisations in the same way.

In September 2004 the membership of the ICCM voted overwhelmingly (82.5%) in favour of the creation of a Corporate Arm of the Institute. In May 2005 the CBA membership passed a special resolution to transfer its assets and membership to ICCM Corporate. The transition period leading up to the AGM in October 2005 included democratic elections for seats on the PROFESSIONAL and CORPORATE Committees. Seven seats will be available on each committee with an eighth place being taken by President and/or Deputy President with this post alternating between Professional and Corporate on an annual basis. Each committee will nominate three of its number to sit on the Board of Directors prior to each AGM. The three nominees from each committee plus President and Deputy President form the new Board post AGM.

The aim of the restructure is to provide a louder and stronger voice within the industry for both Professional and Corporate Members that own, manage and administer CEMETERIES and CREMATORIA.

ICCM – A one-stop for PROFESSIONAL and CORPORATE Members where ALL committees and subsequently Board members are selected and elected by the membership.