Scotland’s First Minister Sets Out New Strategic Framework

The First Minister today (23 October) launched Scotland’s new Strategic Framework for managing and supressing COVID-19. The framework is available here and will take effect from Monday 2 November, following a parliamentary debate and vote next week.

The Strategic Framework is rooted in tackling the four harms the virus causes; risk to life and health; impact on wellbeing, impact on wider society and impact on the economy and employment.

Scotland’s approach to outbreak management will be based on five levels of protection. This avoids a ‘one size fits all’ approach and recognises that different levels will be appropriate for different parts of the country at different times. The levels will be regularly reviewed.

The framework sets out that funerals and wakes (in regulated venues) can continue to take place with up to 20 people, with physical distancing, throughout levels 1-4. At level 0 (i.e. baseline) funerals can take place with up to 50 people.

The Scottish Government are keen to hear your feedback on the framework to factor into deliberations next week. You can email them at

You can read more from the Scottish Government on their Funeral Industry News Blog.