Revision of Regulation (EU) 2017/852 on mercury Targeted Stakeholder Survey

We have been made aware of a consultation on the life cycle of mercury for the European Commission:

The European Commission (Directorate-General for Environment) has commissioned a study to support the assessment of impacts of a revision of Regulation (EU) 2017/852 on mercury, which addresses the whole life cycle of mercury from primary mining to its final disposal as waste. It mainly implements the Minamata Convention, but also strengthens mercury-related measures from earlier European legal acts (e.g. Regulation 1102/2008) and further develops the legal framework in a number of areas. Article 19(1) of the Regulation required the Commission to assess and report, by 30 June 2020, to the European Parliament and to the Council on:

  • The need for the Union to regulate emissions of mercury and mercury compounds from crematoria;
  • The feasibility of a phase out of the use of dental amalgam in the long term (preferably by 2030); and
  • The environmental benefits and the feasibility of a further alignment of Annex II with relevant Union legislation regulating the placing on the market of mercury-added products.

This study is being undertaken by a consortium led by RPA Europe and comprising Air Quality Consultants (AQC), Bio Innovation Service (Bio), Risk and Policy Analysts Ltd (RPA Ltd), Global Research for Safety (GRS), and the French Institute for Industrial Environmental Risks (INERIS).  

Please complete the online survey to help us assess your views.  The survey is designed to display only those questions that we have deemed relevant for your stakeholder group category.  Here is the link to RPA’s page about the survey, containing links to the survey, a supporting letter from the European Commission and the privacy statement. 

The deadline for responding is Friday 25 February 2022

Thank you for your contribution to the study. 

Those responsible for or working in crematoria are encouraged to contribute to the study.