Revised Guidance on Managing a Funeral in England

Public Health England and the Department of Health & Social Care have issued updated guidance for managing a funeral during the coronavirus pandemic. This is national guidance. If local restrictions are in place in your area, please check information on local restrictions

Changes since the last update include:

• a limit of 30 people attending a funeral at all Local COVID Alert Levels. Anyone working is not included.

• a limit of 15 people attending a linked religious, belief-based or ceremonial event in a COVID-19 secure venue or public outdoor place, where the organiser has carried out a risk assessment and taken all reasonable measures to limit the risk of transmission of the virus, at all Local COVID Alert Levels. Anyone working is not included

• guidance on attendance in exceptional circumstances for people who are self-isolating, with the appropriate protection advice to be followed

• allowing some professional musical contributions, ideally outdoors

• wearing face-coverings in a funeral director’s vehicle

You can read the full guidance here.