ICCM AGM 2020 – Thursday 12th November 2020 at 15.00, via Zoom

Notice is given that the ICCM AGM 2020 will take place on Thursday 12th November at 15.00, via Zoom.

Due to the restrictions of the coronavirus pandemic, the ICCM are unable to hold a physical AGM this year. Instead a virtual AGM will be held as part of the series of webinars the ICCM has been holding, facilitated by PlotBox, since the start of the pandemic. This will be your opportunity to hear from and question the Board of Directors and ICCM Officers, as well as to hear an address from the current ICCM President, Heather White. Everyone is encouraged to attend the virtual AGM, but please note that only ICCM members (with the exception of Associate Corporate Members) can vote on any of the Agenda items. Following the AGM and the President’s Address, the Directors and Officers will lead an open forum where current sector topics will be discussed and at which you can pose questions on any relevant subjects.

This is an exciting development and you are strongly encouraged to attend the first virtual ICCM AGM. A copy of the AGM Handbook, containing an agenda, draft minutes from the AGM 2019, Directors Report, statistics and progress on Management Plan targets can be downloaded here. A copy of the Summary Financial Statement for year ending 31st March 2020 can be downloaded here.

You can pre-register to join the AGM here.