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  • Competition and Markets Authority Update
  • On 29th November 2019 the Competition and Markets Authority published summaries of hearings and roundtables as part of their investigation into the funerals sector. The hearings and roundtables summaries can be found here. 

  • Research - request for assistance
  • Richard Martin of Scattering Ashes is conducting research into the disposition of cremated remains in the UK and would very much like your help. If you work at a crematorium, please could you spare a few minutes to complete a short questionnaire hereThe results of the research will be made available to all members, and Richard will present his findings at the ICCM Learning Convention and Exhibition 2020. Thanks very much for your assistance

  • New President for Funeral Furnishing Manufacturers' Association (FFMA)
  • The FFMA have appointed a new President. Further details can be found here.

  • Increase in Funeral Expenses Payment
  • The Minister for Welfare Delivery, Will Quince, has announced that from Spring 2020 the Funeral Expenses Payment in England and Wales will rise from a maximum of %uFFFD700.00 to %uFFFD1000.00. This will be the first time the payment has been increased since 2003. Further details can be found here.

  • Revised Cremation Forms Guidance
  • The Ministry of Justice has issued revised guidance for medical practitioners and medical referees regarding the completion of cremation forms. A copy of the guidance for medical practitioners can be found here. A copy of the guidance for medical referees can be found here. The new guidance removes the requirement in some Coroner's areas for deaths within 24 hours of admission to a hospital to be reported to the Coroner - there is no requirement in law for a death to be reported to a Coroner on the basis that it occurred within a certain period of time after admission to hospital.

   Grief Awareness Week Walk

  • Members of the ICCM NW Branch are undertaking a walk from Anfield Crematorium to Agecroft Crematorium (30 miles) on Thursday 5th December to raise awareness of the National Grief Awareness Week and the work of the Good Grief Trust. Members are welcome to join in with all or some of the walk, and/or can donate money in aid of the Good Grief Trust. Further details of the walk can be found here. Further information about the Good Grief Trust can be found here.

  • Scottish Government Video
  • The Scottish Government Burial and Cremation Policy Team  are encouraging anyone who works with bereaved families to watch a video produced by the NHS Education for Scotland  on 'talking to parents about their decisions around burial or cremation after the death of their baby. The video can be viewed here. Further information and resources on this subject can be viewed here.

  • Launch of Research Findings
  • At the ICCM Learning Convention Dr Julie Rugg presented the results of research carried out by herself and Dr Sarah Jones looking at how much funerals matter. A full copy of the resultant findings, Funeral Experts by Experience: what matters to them, can be seen here.  An infographic summarising the main findings can be seen here.

  • Scottish Government Guidance
  • The Scottish Government has issued revised Guidance on the Cremation (Scotland) Regulations 2019 - a copy can be downloaded here. The Scottish Government has also issued a newsletter detailing the procedures for the electronic transfer of Form 14 when an application for cremation is made - a copy can be downloaded here.

  • Scottish Government Burial and Cremation Policy Team Newsletter - Autumn 2019
  • A copy of the latest newsletter from the Scottish Government Burial and Cremation Policy Team can be downloaded here.

  • Medical Examiner Bulletin
  • The latest (September 2019) edition of the Medical Examiner Bulleting can be viewed here.

  • Competition and Markets Authority
  • The Competition and Markets Authority has published a working paper as part of their investigation into the funerals sector. The paper, Approach to profitability and financial analysis, is available here.

  • Children's Funeral Fund
  • The Ministry of Justice has released Technical Guidance relating to the operation of the Children's Funeral Fund for England. The Guidance can be seen here. Further information and the forms for burial and cremation authorities, and funeral directors, to claim from the Children's Funeral Fund, can be found here.

  • Able Futures

    The Able Futures Programme is a free scheme being run for the DWP for people in employment who may be struggling with mental health issues. The programme can be accessed via a freephone number by anyone who is over 16 and in employment. One in four of us is likely to experience some form of stress, anxiety or depression during our working lives. This scheme can help. Further details can be found here.

  • National Bereavement Care Pathway
  • The National Bereavement Care Pathway (NBCP) aims to improve the bereavement care parents receive after pregnancy or baby loss. It helps professionals to support families in their bereavement after any pregnancy or baby loss. The results of an evaluation of the NBCP, and further information, are available here.

  • ICCM Recycling of Pacemakers Scheme
  • The ICCM, in association with Orthometals, has launched a scheme to recycle pacemakers removed prior to cremation that will run alongside the ICCM Recycling of Metals scheme. Further information can be found here.

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